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3 Tips to Better Disinfect Your Home During Covid-19

Covid-19 (also known as Coronavirus) has changed the way we work, live and play. Operating in this “new normal” has proven to be incredibly challenging. Mask wearing, frequent and proper hand washing and maintaining social distance have all become the topic of much discussion.

While all three of these steps help to keep us safe and healthy, it is also wise to disinfect our homes.  In fact, keeping high-touch areas clean decreases the spread of Covid-19 germs.  Below are three important tips to making your home as safe as possible.

Clean AND Disinfect

While keeping your home clean is important, simply ridding your home of visual dirt and grime will not offer the protection you need at this difficult time.  You MUST take an additional step.  Disinfecting rids your home of germs that you cannot see. 

Focus on High Touch Areas

High-touch areas throughout your house are most likely to harbor germs.  These include, but are not limited to,  door knobs, light switches, faucets and refrigerators, tables and countertops, computer keyboards, phones and all remote controls.  Disinfect these items daily. Showers, floors, and toilets should be disinfected weekly, at a minimum.

Utilize Appropriate Products

Not all products are effective in protecting against the Coronavirus. Make sure that the disinfectants you select recommended for this purpose.  While many household products help clean your home, they are not all appropriate during this challenging time.

The three tips above will help make the environment in which you live a safer one. It is important to carefully research the products you use.  Make sure they are appropriate for this particular virus and, just as important, ensure they are safe for residential use.  Many products contain harsh chemicals and may be harmful if used in certain situations.  You should ALWAYS research the ingredients and read and abide by the instructions shared on the labeling.  Correct usage increases effectiveness and decreases the chance of adverse effects.

Properly disinfecting your home, combined with following CDC health recommendations, can help you and your family reduce their chances of contracting Covid-19.