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Five Reasons to Use ReadyKleen at Your Business

Five Reasons to Use ReadyKleen at Your Business.

Germs are everywhere: on surfaces and equipment, in offices, retail establishments, and in bathrooms and kitchens (both commercial and residential). Today, as the country (and the world) fights the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a host of other illnesses, disinfecting your place of business is more than just wise, it is critical to remaining operational and keeping your employees and clients safe. We have all seen business close because of illness; disinfecting is, without a doubt, necessary to your future success.

ReadyKleen, a disinfectant spray available in 32-ounce bottles, is the ideal solution to help keep your business clean and germ-free.  ReadyKleen is:

  1. Fast Acting: In fact, this solution cleans, disinfects, and eliminates odors in five seconds. Simply spray, wait, and wipe with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.
  2. An Odor Eliminator: In addition to cleaning and disinfecting, it has a light, fresh citrus scent. 
  3. Effective: It kills 99.9% of bacteria, cold and flu viruses quickly, something which is incredibly important today.
  4. Ready to Use: You can spray the solution directly from the bottle.  No mixing or diluting is required. 
  5. Functional: This product is intended for use on nonporous surfaces including, but not limited to, granite, glass, vinyl, stainless steel, and acrylic -- basically, almost everything. It is even designated food surface safe.

Finally, ReadyKleen is appropriate for a broad range of businesses including healthcare facilities, nursing homes, gyms, and daycare centers, just to name a few.   And, while it is strong enough to kill the toughest germs in institutional settings, is it also safe and appropriate for home use in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

In short, business owners who use ReadyKleen are committed to maintaining the highest standards with regard to cleanliness.  They understand the danger of germs today as well as the importance of protecting their clients and employees, and they have identified the best possible product for this job.

At Advanco, we recognized the needs of business owners and are proud to provide the highest quality disinfecting products. We welcome you to contact us with questions about ReadyKleen and the services we provide.