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How to Use an Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

Are you considering the purchase of an Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer, but are concerned about using it? If so, rest assured you will have no troubles. In fact, these sprayers are quite easy to operate. That said, before using your sprayer, please refer to the owner’s manual for complete instructions, including important safety details.

Four Easy Steps to Using Your Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

The value in owning and using an Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer is two-fold.  First, it effectively and efficiently sanitizes your place of business. And, second, it is easy to use! Simply follow the steps below.

  • Charge Your Battery
  • Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers come with both a lithium battery and a charger. Snap the battery into the provided charger. Once fully charged (check the indicator lights), attach the battery directly to the sprayer.

    1. Fill The Tank

    Unlock the tank, remove it, and fill it with a disinfecting solution. Remember to hold on to the tank when releasing it or it will fall. Once filled, reattach the tank making sure it clicks into place.

  • Select Spraying Level
  • Using the dial on the front of the device, select the desired microns, and lock it in place.

  • Disinfect
  • Now, you are ready to go to work. Turn on the machine and spray the areas you wish to disinfect. The Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer delivers an even mist of disinfectant which will completely coat and cling to all surfaces. Remember, spraying should be completed in otherwise empty rooms after all personnel have left for the day.

    Purchase a Sprayer Today

    Today, more than ever, the ability to quickly and efficiently disinfect places of business is critical to your future success.  In order to remain operational, organizations must ensure that their employees and customers are as safe as possible.

    Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers allow business owners to fully disinfect their property with both confidence and ease, providing for a safer and healthier workplace. At Advanco, we are pleased to provide our clients with high quality, easy to use equipment. If you are considering the purchase of a sprayer, contact us today at 1-800-342-9910 with any questions.