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AdvanCo Science Sprayers

The ability to quickly, easily, and effectively apply disinfectant to rooms, hallways, and buildings is essential in keeping these areas germ free. When cleaning occurs by hand (using rags and mops) the process is time-consuming and subject to human error; it is incredibly easy to miss corners of a room or the underside of tables and chairs.

Professional electrostatic disinfectant sprayers assist in maintaining a healthy environment in all types of businesses, including medical facilities, hospitals, and even office buildings.  The machines are designed to evenly disperse a mist of disinfectant to clean all surfaces.  The two models we currently offer are both functional and well-regarded.

Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

This easy-to-use, lightweight (it weighs less than 6 pounds with a full tank of disinfectant) sprayer is the perfect tool to keep your place of business clean and germ-free.  Because it is cordless, it is easy to maneuver. 

Designed to be efficient and effective, the disinfectant solution dispersed clings to all surface areas.  It is particularly useful in accessing hard to reach areas and has an LED headlight for extra visibility. The sprayer comes with a lithium battery, a charger, a 3-in-1 nozzle and wrench, a refillable handheld tank and cap, and even a carrying case.  Even better, its 90 minutes of charge-time keeps it running for 4 hours, long enough to clean and disinfect many rooms. 

Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Our cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer provides you with added convenience.  Featuring incredibly comfortable backpack straps, this sprayer is a favorite of many of our customers.  The machine evenly distributes a thin mist of solution that envelopes all surfaces.  The tank, which is included, holds 2.25 gallons of liquid, enough to cover 23,000 square feet.  

This sprayer comes complete with a lithium battery, a charger, a 3-in-1 nozzle, and a four-foot hose for hard to reach areas. With an optimum spray distance of 4-6 feet, this piece of equipment is ideal for sanitizing areas that may be difficult to access.  Because of its design and durability, this machine is well-regarded.

Hand-held and backpack electrostatic sprayers are the most effective way to clean and disinfect. They are rapidly becoming the standard in businesses across the country. The models we provide feature the most recent technological advances.  They charge quickly, operate for hours, and conserve disinfecting fluid. Additionally, they leverage a patented technology that provides an electrical charge to cleaning solutions allowing them to adhere to all sides of treated surfaces. This provides exceptional disinfecting and helps to keep everyone safer. 

If you have any questions regarding our sprayers, contact us.  We are happy to provide additional information and help you to determine which model best meets your needs..