Now Offering Free No Contact Delivery in Palm Beach County!

No Contact Delivery

How Does No Contact Delivery Work? 

Advanco Science is very excited to now offer Free Non-Contact deliveries in Palm Beach County, which will specify how you’d like to receive your disinfectant orders. You’ll have the option to meet your driver at your door or outside, or you can opt for non-contact and they’ll leave the order at your door. 

We know there are always those who, for health and other reasons, might prefer a non-contact delivery experience. This new feature will provide customers with alternatives to a traditional delivery experience, and is available immediately at check out. Always feel free to call us directly to place your order with a real person at 1-800-342-9910.

1. All online orders use No Contact Delivery. To opt-out or pay cash, uncheck “Leave order at my door.”

2. A Quality Seal is applied to the lid of the bottles, so you know it hasn’t been tampered with or opened.

3. The driver sets your disinfectant order upright at your door, eliminating the need for direct contact.

4. The driver knocks or rings your doorbell, then gives you a clearance of 6 feet so you can collect your order.

5. Because you pre-paid, there’s no cash exchange and nothing to sign.